The Alternative Therapy Treatment Solutions

It used to be that when you got injured or hurt your only avenue for treatment was going to the doctor and getting a prescription for traditional pain medication. The Western medical community considered natural therapeutic approaches to solving various ailments to be backwards and of no use in modern society.

This negative attitude towards alternative therapy treatment is quickly changing as more and more people turn to natural solutions for their aches and pains. While traditional medicine will always be useful, many health professionals now see the benefits of combining alternative health therapies with the more standard medical treatments.


In traditional Chinese medicine, illness and pain is caused by a loss of balance between the yin and yang energy forces. Tiny needles are used to apply pressure to sensitive areas of the body to relieve this disharmony. Acupuncture has been proven to be very effective in alleviating discomfort from headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome.


Massage has long been known to relieve tension in tired muscles and is often used for relaxation. Studies show that massage releases the body’s natural painkillers, and the gentle pushing and pulling of muscles gives a boost to your immune system.


Yoga combines stretching and breathing exercises with meditation. Yoga is credited with helping those suffering from mood disorders, like depression. Yoga’s classic flexing exercises can also keep you limber and in shape at any age.


Homeopathy seeks to heal the body’s “vital energy” with diluted remedies that closely mimic illness symptoms. Various natural substances are diluted to remove any physical reactions. These diluted remedies supposedly help the body get rid of the real ailment. In studies, homeopathy was proven to be effective in the treatment of chronic skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, as well as, hay fever.


Chiropractic medicine is a touch therapy based on spinal alignment, which helps take the pressure off of painful nerves. If your spine is out of alignment, it can press down on various nerves causing pain. Studies have shown that a chiropractic realignment can alleviate chronic back pain without need for medication or surgery.

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You Need Back Pain Therapy

The major reason for needing back pain therapy is, of course, severe or chronic pain in your back. Typically this is in the lower back and many of the treatments out there really do very little for you. It is important to know what actually works to get rid of the pain and what is masking the pain.

If you see your doctor and they prescribe a pain killer or a muscle relaxer it will just be a temporary solution. The problem with pain killers is your body becomes dependent on them and it can cause addiction. Also, they tend to only mask the problem instead of solving it.

The last thing you want is a treatment that does not relieve your pain for the long term. Taking prescription drugs comes along with many side effects that can harm the quality of your life and even over the counter pain reliever can have a very negative effect on your body. Instead you should seek out back pain therapy that actually works.

A Few Available Back Pain Therapy Options

Since back pain therapy is one of the most common needs for people of all ages. Millions have found out some type of treatment for their back due to both chronic and acute back pain. If you are suffering from any type of pain in your back consider these treatments.

Chiropractic Treatment

Seeing a chiropractor has become a very popular type of treatment for back pain. They can usually help to align your bones a bit better and give you the relief you are looking for. This is considered to be an alternative treatment for pain and a chiropractor can help relieve your tendons, joints, ligaments, and muscles from the pain you are feeling.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is more commonly used when you have actually injured your back from working, an accident, or anything else. It is a series of exercises that will help to build up strength in your back over a period of time. It may include heat treatment, aqua therapy, or even ultrasound treatment depending on your pain and current condition.

The only issue with these two back pain therapy methods is they can be very expensive. Not all health insurance covers you when you want to use an alternative treatment. Both of these treatments can help to bring you long term relief, but what about the short term and getting to the root cause of your problem?

Using a Natural Back Pain Therapy to Relieve Pain

There are also some very potent herbal treatments that will relieve you of the pain you feel for the short and long term. Instead of a chemical treatment prescribed by a doctor you will be able to treat the pain while curing it. The right herbal treatment can help get to the root of the issue and allow you to feel relief immediately.

If you combine a good herbal remedy for the pain along with an alternative method of working on your muscles, tendons, bones, and ligaments you can actually find the long term relief you deserve. You don’t need to suffer anymore and improving your quality of life can be done with the right back pain therapy.

Fitness Therapy For Successful Recovery

Fitness therapy is what takes place after you are released from occupational therapy or physical therapy, and continues until you are back to the fitness level you are capable of. Occupational therapy is therapy intended to restore someone’s abilities to perform any of the daily activities they need to perform throughout their day or night. Examples of the activities they help with are work activities, self care, and activities they use for play or leisure. These activities can be as simple as being able to brush their teeth again, taking care of personal hygiene, and combing their hair. Work activities include anything that they are required to do to go back to work, which might be lifting heavy objects, driving a vehicle, assembling products, or working on the computer. Play and leisure activities may be things like tennis, running, checking email, crocheting, or camping.

Physical therapy is needed when an accident, an injury, or chronic disease stops you from functioning physically like you need to be able to. A physical therapist will work with your medical doctor to help you recover from any of the above mentioned situations. Your medical doctor will refer you to a physical therapist who will then, do their own assessment of where you are in your recovery. Once they review the information from your doctor they will work with you to help you complete your recovery and get you back to where you were, health wise, or even healthier than you were before. Physical therapists can utilize ultrasound, warm heat, massage, electrical stimulation, and other techniques and modalities to complement the exercises they have you do. You might have multiple appointments with them each week, which will taper off as you get stronger and healthier.

Those who are certified in fitness therapy will help you continue your flexibility program. They can help you manage all of the stress that you experience as you return to your normal work duties and as you start taking a greater part in your every day activities. They will teach you how to keep from getting injured in the future as well as counsel you in how to deal with the medications you may be on and how they will affect your exercise routine and the physical symptoms you may be experiencing. They are also very knowledgeable about how to deal with insurance companies and how to get what you are entitled to as you recover.

The Vital Health

We say that children are the future of tomorrow. So it is necessary that these children grow into healthy adults not just physically, but also mentally. It is necessary that parent’s should take care of their child’s mental health. It is necessary that kids are brought up in a stable and happy environment so that they are emotionally stable. Also for them to be emotionally mature, they have to be exposed to the right situations at the right age. If parents and the society play with children’s lives, they might grow into abnormal beings.

It is important that the adolescents should be in good health. Because this is when they start really understanding the world and get easily influenced by other people and scenarios surrounding them. So, Witnessing violence, broken relationships, stress related to poverty, etc. are a few of the factors that might push adolescents into depression. So, it is the parents’ and the society’s responsibility to understand them, their problems, the phase they are going through and also make them understand how to deal with various situations and stay positive. It is important for them not to succumb to peer pressure and take to smoking, drinking etc. Because this is going to affect their physical health.

Women’s health is also very important, as they are the ones who run the house and are the for bearers of our future generations. While growing up, girls should be given nourishing food, rich in iron and calcium. Breast cancer is very common in women, so it is advisable for women to get a mammogram done every year. During pregnancy, it is necessary that they eat healthy foods, so that both the baby and the mother stay in good health. Men health is also equally important. Prostrate cancer is very common among men, so it is necessary that they go for a check up every year. It is necessary that they stay physically fit since they are required to do a lot of strenuous work.

There are many other grave illnesses in this world that one might be suffering from like cancer. Here is some health information on cancer. To avoid cancer, do not smoke, drink or eat red meat. Avoid food products that contain mono sodium glutamate and other carcinogenic factors. To prevent skin cancer, avoid exposing your skin to sunlight for long. However, if you are already a patient of cancer, there are two things that you can do- eat right and stay positive. Eating healthy and nourishing foods that can prevent cancer from spreading in your body is very important. Eat a lot of pulses, since they act as anti-oxidants and strictly follow a vegetarian diet. If you don’t want to be subjected to the painful process of chemotherapy, then you can opt for alternative medicinal therapies such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, etc.

G Therapy to Help Autistic Kids to Start a Normal Life

The human system consists of millions of individual cells, linked by 23 pairs of chromosomes making up our genes that regulate how we look, how we behave and how we think. Thus, cells for the complete biological structure of our body. Since, these tiny segments are responsible for every instruction that our system follow, any glitch or damage brings about serious consequences to our overall body and health. Autism is one of the most severe effects of gene damage and is characterized by communication challenges, difficulty in social interactions, and an innate tendency to engage in repetitive behavior. However the symptoms of autism vary with respect to the severity of the disorders and are classified across three core areas. Taken together these may bring about mild challenges for an individual facing the disorder or high functional disability rated high in the autism spectrum.

While autism seems to be a lifelong challenge, both adults and children can benefit heavily through proved interventions and therapies like the one provided by G Therapy. Using these therapeutic techniques, the troubling symptoms could be gradually reduces and the individual can increase upon his abilities and skills. Although it is best if the therapy is commenced earlier in life, the benefits could continue throughout irrespective of when they have been started.
To understand better, it is important to know the various symptoms of autism. While these may vary widely with some children facing only mild impairments while others in severe obstacles, the average autism spectrum revolves around:

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Behaving and thinking flexibly
  • Relating to others and the environment around

There are differences in the opinions of doctors, therapists, experts and parents about the best ways to treat an autistic child, but everyone agrees to the fact that the condition is in fact controllable and the earlier you start the better it is. Taking up the cue from the earliest symptoms of autism can make a huge difference in the life of the patient and the ones around him/her.

A severe condition of autism is referred to as Down syndrome where an individual is born with an added copy of chromosome 21. While the severity of the disorder again varies, all suffer from intellectual disabilities and physical problems. People may have dementia, heart diseases, skeletal problems, thyroid, and problem in the eyes, intestines etc. While the Down syndrome doesn’t yet have a complete cure, G Therapy has proved to highly minimize the condition. Again, the earlier it is done the better chance does the patient have.

Patients have shown good results with just two months of G therapy procedures and one can expect dramatic positive changes in cognition and behavioral process. Even if it doesn’t lend an IQ of 120, the therapy does impart an appreciable level of smartness. Being a complete biochemical and homeopathic cure, G therapy has proved its worth in giving back a €close to normal’ lifestyle to the otherwise €retarded’ individuals.

Try A Different Option Than Conventional Health Therapy

Alternative health therapy is becoming more accepted, often replacing conventional treatment. New lines of treatment are seen to be combining mainstream medicine with alternative treatment when it comes to healing. Some healing which is not possible by conventional lines of treatment are possible with alternative therapies. There are a whole lot of alternative therapies that are available so you will need to look around and see what you are most comfortable with. The above treatments are resorted to instead of conventional medicine with a confidence that a disease will be cured.

Alternative health therapies can help you feel better and improve your quality of life and improve your general health to give you a sense of control. Reducing tension, anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, and depression are just a couple of things that alternative health therapies are known to do as well as make you feel a lot more relaxed. Alternative therapies have been known to aid in reducing cancer symptoms like pain, nausea, breathlessness, diarrhea, constipation, poor appetite and tiredness. In traditional cancer treatment, it has been found to relieve and curb negative side effects.

Alternative health therapies can be very effective at masking pain, which can sometimes hide a more serious underlying condition and are often used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Cancer support groups, some hospitals and hospices provide this type of therapy as part of overall care for cancer, cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc. these could be free or for a small fee. Many cancer patients currently use alternate therapy to manage and sustain themselves through the difficult cancer treatments. However, they should not be seen as an alternative to orthodox medicine, but as a valuable support that recognizes the emotional and spiritual aspects as well as the physical aspects.

For example, Americans are now spending four billion dollars annually on different alternative health products like herbs and vitamins. In a study conducted by Davis, Eisenberg, Phillips and Tindle in 2005 it is specified that complementary and alternative therapies are used approximately by 72 million people in America. Herman, Craig and Caspi, in 2005 showed that more than billion a year is spent out-of-pocket on alternative therapies.

Nevertheless it is important to find out which particular alternative health therapies offer the most effective treatments for your needs, as well as discover which treatments you feel comfortable with. Many patients suffering from MND or Motor Neuron Diseases, have found an improvement in their quality of life using individual therapies like, acupuncture, homeopathy, massage, Reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, reflexology and meditation. It is always a good idea to consult your physician before considering any of the alternative therapies available, and it is important to double check that any additional treatment undertaken will not adversely affect any current treatment program you are on.

In case you are thinking of using any alternative health therapy along with your contemporary medication then you must talk to you doctor and find about the pros and cons that are related. Do not neglect any important aspects that need to be discussed. When considering this option, ask your doctor if there are treatments available at your hospital or clinic, or even through your physician’s practice. Perhaps they may be able to recommend particular therapies or practitioners as more doctors are being convinced that complementary medicine does have a place in today’s society. These types of therapies help some people in fighting with the side effects of conventional treatment like anxiety and gives them hope and control over life.